Types of acne acne scars and proper care

Acne is indeed repugnant, but acne scars more frightening because it is more difficult to treat and last longer in the face. Did you know that every type of acne scars should be applied perawatam differently?
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Acne can cause a lot of discomfort and make you lose confidence. Even when acne has been lost, every day we are still obsessed with the scars he left behind. Acne scars are not difficult to be eliminated but the treatment doesn't always work 100%. To eliminate scars completely and get back your confidence, you need to know what type of acne scars it and how to cure it.

Types of acne acne scars and proper care

• A scar at the bottom

Scars that are shaped as the name suggests: it's narrow and deep acne like skin you have punctured by sharp instruments.

Thickening of the skin after an infection or inflammation of the follicle deepening the surface of the skin, destroying skin tissue and scarring acne. For this type of acne, you could use an old scar on the skin or fill with a new skin.

• Square acne scars

Although the larger rectangular scars from sharp scars, the scars left by the scars as well. In General, the oval-shaped foot and scars can range from mild to severe.

Foot reflexology involves removal of old scar on the skin, use a filler and laser irradiation.

• Scapes of round leg

This is the type of scar that causes ripples in the skin, even though your skin looks normal.

Scars occur when the low tide strands of gluten network develops in between the skin and tissues, the epidermis much pulling down. The epidermis layer is drawn into causing the wave form on the skin.

Because the scar has a sloping edge and not too steep, there are many effective treatments for scarring. Methods such as laser skin resurfacing, chemical masks, subkontisi (break the structure of the scar with a small knife or needle), and even red light therapy can help. Repair of skin with scar shaped like waves. The specialist can also use fillers to treat scarring, but if the skin is exposed to too broad, this method is not a priority.

• Knee

The knee looks like a group of networks that float on the skin and often grow bigger than the original wound. Acne caused by acne scars usually appear on the body, especially in men. Unlike scar shaped scar and square-shaped scars, Keloids are not caused by the deprivation of the network, but occurs due to excessive production of collagen.

This type of SCAR, you can use a steroid cream, ice or syringe to help shrink and thins scar. You can also inject interferon to soften scar tissue.

Inflamed Acne can leave scars for a lifetime. Scarring can occur in a variety of shapes and sizes, depending on the type of acne you have and how the scars appeared. The worst thing is no matter how carefully you treat acne, there are still scars on your face. Now that you know the types of acne scars and how they cure, you can choose the best treatment for acne scars. If you are not sure what method you use, please consult a qualified technician.

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  1. Though the names of the acne scars you've mentioned are different from what I've known but the looks and description has quite the similarities. Having severe acne scars should be treated well as soon as possible to urgently repair skin tissues that has been damaged due to popping of pimples. Perhaps visiting an acne scar treatment clinic in the Philippines would be one of the best solution you could use for yourself.

  2. The speedier the acne is dealt with the lesser the rate of scarring. Your specialist will most Cate Blanchett Skin Care likely prompt or allude you to a dermatologist (a skin authority) who can work with you so you get the most ideal treatment.