7 ways a massage to reduce the black ring on the eyelids

Massage is a therapy that helps your eyes relax and stay healthy. Not only that, if you're constantly massaging massage correctly, massage can help you raise your eyes to have a pair of sparkling eyes.

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7 ways a massage to reduce the black ring on the eyelids

Select the type of oil or massage cream that is right

Creams and massage oils are two ingredients which are indispensable during massage. In this process, the oil helps reduce friction between skin and hands, depending on the type of oil that will have different uses. When you choose the proper type of oil, its use will really promote.

Good oil massage oil is not too dry, absorbed in a reasonable period of time, no odor or smell fragrant, and it works well to lock in the moisture of the skin. So, consider these factors when choosing to buy oil

The process of massage can bring the best effect here are seven simple skin lifting exercises you can do anytime. Do any movement three times and doing at the same time in both eyes every day to have a bright bright young eyes.

Skin lightening

middle finger follower pat bows down from two solar vented cheekbones and finally to the nose, the goal is to help the lymphatic circulation.

Raised eyebrows You

This exercise requires the coordination of eyebrows and eyelids, strengthens the muscles in the forehead and eyelid. First you lift Your eyebrows, then close your eyes while you are still in a State of eyebrows raised. Then Your eyebrows back to its original state once you have completed. Created 10 times. When closing eyes, let your face relaxed, don't frown. You should focus on Your eyebrows raised as much as possible.

Dark circles fade away

Gently pinch the skin along the edges of the cavity of the eye to improve the microcirculation of the blood.

Relieve stress

Press firmly on the inside cavity of the eye and hold it for 5 seconds.

Remove puffy eyes

First sitting upright or lie down, put two fingers in the eye: index finger on the outside corner and middle finger in the corner of the eye. While pressing both fingers with a light, point your eyes to the ceiling and use your eyes to squint, the top is always open. Relax and repeat this exercise 10 times.

Tighten up the upper eyelid

The first direct look into a mirror, place Your index finger underneath the eyebrows and bend your fingers to keep Your eyebrows in the cavity of the eye. Then close your eyes and Stretch Your upper eyelid. Repeat this 5 times and then gently massage your eyes for 6 beats and rilekskan your eyes for 3 beats. You should perform this exercise twice a day and 5 days a week.

Lifting eyes

Step 1: use two fingers to remove from the corner of the eye, went through the area under the eyes and up again around the eyes. Repeat this action 5 times, just missing.

Step 2: repeat this process and this time You close your eyes, gently massage above the eyelid, this action must also be repeated 5 times.

When you apply these movements, in just a few days your eye will become more beautiful and bright. Massage therapy is a completely free and effective way that can help you avoid the eyelid surgery.

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