5 benefits of collagen for beauty treatments

Until recently, the collagen is still regarded as the preferred material in body care products. However, not everyone knows what the drug is and how it works.
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Then what is collagen??. Collagen is a protein in bone, muscle, skin and tendons, creating a strong structure and strengthen the body. In particular, the collagen in the middle layer helps form a network of fibre to develop new cells. The drug is also necessary in the process of replacement and recovery of cells. Some collagen also serves as a protective layer for the fragile organs such as kidneys. Here are five of the main uses of collagen in the human body.

5 benefits of collagen for beauty treatments
Skin fillers

collagen body declines with age, leading to a decrease in skin texture sure, simultaneously forming a trail, wrinkles and weaken the cartilage. So, the agencies often give cosmetic collagen injection therapy to help the skin to improve the appearance of aging. In cosmetic collagen also helps eliminate wrinkles on the face and helps eliminate scars, including acne scars. In addition the use of serum collagen and pure collagen also has many manfaaa.

In the treatment, people with severe allergies need to limit the injection of collagen filler and check for skin tissue before use. panacea is also used for filling defects on the surface of the skin, while the deeper skin blemishes will need to be filled with substances such as grease, silicone or leather transplant.

Heal the wound

To do this, the collagen will be "interesting " new skin cells to the wound site, accelerates the healing process and create new cell surface chain. Therefore, the drug is used to support the healing process of the wound type such as:

  •     His wounds are not healed long;
  •     Open wound;
  •     Cuts or a worm shallow;
  •     The wound formed granule;
  •     Second-degree burns.

However, medical professionals suggest that you not use collagen to triple or mange burns, for patients who are sensitive to beef products.

Joint pain and degeneration of the joints

Have you noticed that  "osteosarcoma " a bit stiff and sore when moving? This could be a sign that your body is lacking in collagen. When we lose the amount of collagen in the body, the tendons and ligaments beginning to shrink, causing joint pain, stiffness and other problems.

At the moment, this drug acts as a gel that lubricates the joints and connectors between the bone, help you move without pain. Collagen also helps the joints move easily, reduce joint pain in the elderly and even reduce the risk of damage to the joints. In a recent study, collagen has proven to be an effective treatment for osteoarthritis, pain and arthritis.

In addition, some researchers found that supplementation with collagen type 2 will reduce symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis pain by reducing swelling in the joints pain. Another study also found that cases of osteoarthritis treated with collagen type 2 real increases in daily activities such as climbing stairs, walking, etc.

Reinforcing the strength of teeth, hair and nails

Have your nails broken and difficult to grow? Yes, it's probably because your body loses this herb. Collagen is the protein components that build up the nail, hair, and your teeth. To strengthen nails and reduce hair loss, you need to add collagen into your diet today.

In addition, other studies have found the existence of a fundamental relationship between the extracellular matrix (ECM) and the ability to generate new hair follicles. Thus, collagen tends to be studied for the treatment of hair loss and skin disease.

Increase metabolism, muscle tone, and energy

The addition of these drugs can help boost metabolism. One of the most important roles of glycine is helping to form muscle cells by converting glucose into energy nourish cells. This plays an important role in keeping the muscles, especially as you get older.

When using collagen, you should consume vitamin C to ensure that the body can convert the collagen protein that can be used.

To increase the amount of collagen, elastin and melanin in your body, you can rely on laser therapy with high wavelength light. This method is also used to cure stretch marks. The drug is gradually decreased over time and there is no way to stop the aging process. However, with the addition of through diet and do collagen therapy helps increase somewhat slow the aging process, keep the amount of collagen and help the skin, muscles, bones and joints You a long healthy

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