Want To Have A Clean And White? ... Read his tips here

Want To Have A Clean And White? ... Read his tips here-perfect white which symbolizes the glamour and charm of beauty is the goal of many people. Especially for skin face certainly want to look putuh and clean to make it look more beautiful. Many people are continually looking for methods of skin whitener. Walupun've found the correct method but there are still leather could not be the cause of white that is often exposed to direct sunlight.
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How does the Sun affect the process of bleaching?

Ultraviolet light from the Sun is the source of vitamin D is best for keeping your bones stay healthy. However, if Your skin whitening treatments, Sun is the enemy sabotage your beauty process. Sun exposure is the main cause of hyperpigmentation, which stimulate the body producing more melanin pigment. Melanin act as layer  "sunscreen " for skin and protect you from harmful ultraviolet rays, which will make your skin being tanned.

In addition to that Sun exposure can damage the process of hyperpigmentation. Hyperpigmentation of the skin makes your skin look more sparkling clear, especially on the face, arms and some areas of the body that are in contact with direct sunlight. For treatment of dermatological, a dermatologist will advise you to stay away from sunlight to minimize hyperpigmentation.

What can you do to protect your skin from the Sun?

When caring for whites, you should limit the sunlight as much as possible. However, there are some cases that are not planned that requires you to get out, and this is where you apply the techniques that are effective for the following:
  • Ensconced in a shade. You can stand under the big trees to avoid the Sun, go to a shady area or carrying sun umbrellas.
  • Use sunscreen. You must choose a broad-spectrum sunscreen with SPF 30 or higher, and high PA against both ultraviolet a (UVA) and UVB rays (UVB). Make sure you apply sunscreen after 2 hours when working outdoors, sweating or under water. You should also be aware of the shelf life of the product before use. Sunscreens usually have a shelf life of three years but may also be shorter if stored at a high temperature.
  • Wear long clothing fair while under the Sun. Just like the skin, protective clothing will prevent your skin from exposure to direct sunlight. You have to be wearing long sleeves or bold, even protective sun to protect your skin from UV rays. You should note that the wet clothes will not be as good as the clothes are sun dried. In addition, the darker colors can protect skin better than bright colors. You can also wear a hat to cover the width of the face, head, ears, and neck. The canvas is the best sunscreen for your skin. You don't have to wear a straw hat because the Sun's rays can penetrate the hole in it.
  • Wearing sunglasses. Glass not only protects, but also protects the sensitive skin around the eyes from UV rays under the Sun. It is best to wear a large, extensive coverage of the lens to block sunlight and UV filters to protect the skin with the most optimal way.

It can be said that the process of whitening of the skin will be most effective if you know how to protect the skin from external factors of environment, especially the Sun. Once you know the effect of sunlight on the skin, you will know how to protect your body better to have white skin as expected.

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