Be wary of the 5 bad habits that degrade skin

Skin that is wrinkled and sagging is part of the natural aging process. Get older, our skin will lose collagen and elastin, along with fat and reduce the amount of water, face slowly hollow and sagging, showing the first signs of aging. Gravity also contributes to a loose face. Along with that, daily habits that you consider harmless are bad habits that damage the skin, contributing to premature skin aging.

Excessive use of mobile phones and tablets

If you use many phones or tablets, and your face looks beautiful, you may have a "smartphone face". This may sound strange, but it is a real symptom.

Scientists say that bending forward for long periods of time, staring at the screen of cell phones and tablets, will increase the gravity of the jawbone, you fall. In addition to gliding, when you are constantly bending to the cell phone screen will create wrinkles on the collarbone, a symptom called "high-tech neck". Obviously, this is one of the reasons why more and more young women suffer from falling jaws!

Often eat snacks, even when not hungry

When your body loses appetite naturally and no signal will cause overeating later and excessive weight that you have diabetes, heart disease, and other serious consequences otherwise.

Here are some tips to help you stop eating bad habits:
• If snacking is an old habit, you should consider getting healthy food out of your kitchen and replacing a snack with a more nutritious meal. These include fruits, vegetables, nuts, and whole grains with low fat content.
• Make plans for snacking carefully as the main meal. That is, you eat nutritious snacks, food in cups, forks and share with a glass of water, sitting at the table while you eat food.

Do not use sunscreen and skin pigment

If you like sunbathing or trying to have a dynamic sun skin, you are inadvertently improving the aging process. Sunburn destroys elastic fibers to keep the skin firm and smooth, leading to wrinkles, premature wrinkles, freckles, and pigmentation. More importantly, sunburn is a major risk factor for skin cancer.

If you often go to skin dye, the more damaging the skin. Contrary to what the ad says, coloring the skin is not as safe as you think, even increasing the risk of skin cancer and wrinkles.

Excessive expression

Excessive facial expression has a very bad effect on our skin, especially when collagen and elastin begin to disappear over time. When you make a grimace of facial expressions like frowning, raising eyebrows or even smiling too many times also contribute to the wrinkles and sagging faces make.

When looking in the mirror every morning, you may notice that your face looks a little fierce (nasolabial folds look more clear) even though your emotions are completely normal, it's because your facial expression does not change during sleep (unless you express yourself intensely in your sleep, , when you have nightmares).

Diet is not good

Applying an excessive diet will have a negative impact on your appearance. Metabolism slows down, you lose muscles and more importantly the body loses the minerals and vitamins it needs.
Do a healthy diet, exercise and cardio, or lose weight to have a healthy body and healthy skin.

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