Simple Makeup Tips for Dark Skin Tone

About Makeup is supposed to compliment the skin tone so it will be different from one another. Other than that, the shape of each face and the contour will determine what type of things should be applied on your face. So, if you purchase makeup products for your face while you have dark skin tone, you need to pick it carefully. And here are our tips for dark skin tone.


Dark skin tone with dryness issue tends to look like ash if it does not get proper moisturizer. So, after daily shower you should apply a good moisturizer product so your body and face will stay hydrated. It instantly turns your face looks glowing dusky. so, you have to use a good moisturizer for your face


Sunscreen is important for everyone no matter what the skin tone is. Darker skin needs sunscreen because UV rays are so harmful. Again, pick a product that suits your skin type. Even before putting the whole things on your face, sunscreen is a must.


It is your base of makeup and supposedly matched with your skin tone. It is better if you compare it with your neck and arms instead of your face when it comes to concealer. In order to make brighter look on your face, you can use two colors of concealer. The brighter tone can be applied on the center of your face while the rest remains natural.

We do not recommend you to use transparent powder, since it gives grayish tinge on your skin.

best Concealer

When it comes to stubborn blemish right under your eyes, you can apply this thing from the tip of eyebrows to the top of cheekbones. Well, it looks like drawing triangle on it but it will bring warmth to that area along with covering dark circle as well.


Creamy highlighter is like a face polish. It gives the effect of larger and more open eyes. You can apply it above the lids’ crease and also the brow bone. Then you can put a dot on your apple of the cheeks. After that, the highlighter can be applied from the forehead to your chin.


When it comes to lipsticks, it will be a bit tricky. But to play in safe zone, you can put beige color, chocolate, coffee, plus, soft pink, burgundy, berry, and also gold ( appliying lipstick ). Glossy and frosty finishes on lipstick are not recommended for dark skin tone when it comes to the perfect makeup.

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