Simple, Applying Makeup Tips for Women

Applying Makeup is important for women. as a women you have to know basic makeup tips. You can learn a beauty tips natural style. Here are tips for you.

Cleaning Face

Best way to clean face, You should clean your face before using beauty products. There are many germs that are trapped in your face and beauty products will cover the germs. Your face will look old and foundation becomes cakey. Do not forget to use toner and facial foam to make your face look fresh and young. if you can, use the best facial cleanser that matches your skin

Use best face Moisturizer

Moisturizer can take care of your skin. You should choose a moisturizer that suits your skin type. If you have oily skin, then you can use a moisturizer with water material.  Water material will not cause acne on your skin. and so with other skin types, whether dry or sensitive skin. You must know in order to choose best makeup product.

Apply Sunblock

If you are going to move outdoors, then you should use sunblock. This is a cream that is used to protect your skin from the sun. You should use sunblock with a minimum of SPF 15 to protect your skin.

Apply bascic Foundation

You can cover the deficiencies in your face by using sunblock. If you have uneven skin tone and black spots, then you should use the foundation. You can use a sponge or brush to apply the foundation evenly on your skin.

Use Concealer

Maybe you are confused to distinguish between concealer and foundation. Actually, the two products have the same function to cover the deficiencies in your face but you do not apply the concealer to the entire face. Concealer is used to cover eye bags.

Use Powder

Do not forget to use the powder on your face until evenly distributed. Do not forget to choose a powder that matches your skin type and color.


There are some women who use the eyebrow pencil to get a firm eyebrow shape but there are women who let the eyebrows look natural. If you want to give a little color, then you can take a natural eyeshadow to reinforce your eyebrows.

Applying Eye makeup

You can provide several colors ranging from dark to soft for the natural look. Eyeliner is used to reinforce your eye line. Do not forget to use mascara to make your lashes look tapering.

Blush On

Your face will look fresh when you use blush on. You can use a blush on under the eyes or on the cheekbone to look thin.


This is a very important part. You can use a lip cream that has a moisturizer for dry lips. You can also use lipstick with the matte finish to make it look sexy. Do not forget to choose two types of soft and dark lipstick to get an interesting style and not boring.

That's a simple makeup tips for you.

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