How to Get Long Lasting Makeup for Beautiful Wedding

Makeup for wedding does require important attention. especially for bridal makeup. You should not use styles that do not fit your face. if there is no beauty salon near you  Here are some things to watch out for wedding events.

Less Is More

You did not misread these tips. You should use a little screen for your face because the possibility of the foundation will break, cakey, and fade becomes reduced. You cannot use thick foundation because this way will make your foundation broke.

Use Mattifying Primer

If you are already using SPF and moisturizer, then you can use primary mattifying in the t-zone area. Primer is used for oily skin. The primer can help the foundation in your face the old stage when you move outdoors. The primer can also cover the pores of a large face.

Waterproof Eye Shadow

The main problem for oily skin is the sweat and oil that can make the eye shadow fade. You should choose waterproof eye shadow for sweat and oil to not ease your eye shadow. You definitely do not want your eyes turning creepy while enjoying a garden party.

Use Water-Based Foundation

If you want your face does not look thick and pile up, then you should choose a foundation with a light water base. This Foundation is suitable for damp air and hot sun. Do not use the foundation with oil base because the foundation will make your face look cakey.


Use beauty products with high pigment content. This is done so you can get the perfect facial look. You can use lipstick, eye shadow, and blush on with high pigments.

Translucent Powder

You should use a colorless powder to coat your blush, concealer, and foundation. The powder is your weapon to remove oil from the face. If you are sweating, then you do not need to use tissues. You should use a fan to remove the foundation.

Spray Setting

The key to your work is the spray setting. This product is used to lock foundation, eye shadow, lipstick, and blush on your face. Do not forget to buy a high-quality product so you will not be disappointed.

Blotting Paper

You do not need to add more powder when you see your makeup melt. You can use blotting paper to absorb the oil. Do not use tissue because your foundation will stick to the tissue.

Those are some tips for outdoor events. You should always clean the face with the right way so that your face is not greasy and acne. If your face is clean and healthy, then you can apply the foundation easily. You also need not be afraid to try the latest makeup styles, like most makeup artists.

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