How to Get Korean Makeup Dewy Looks

How to Get Korean Makeup Dewy Looks - Korean makeup looks dewy and naturally has lots of fans. Korean style does make you look young. You can check out the asia beuaty makeup simple steps below.

Avoid Contouring

Korean style is different from America. The women in Korea like the style that is smooth and natural so they do not use thick shading. You just need to make a smooth and clean face without dirt and blackheads.

CC or BB cream

This product can save your life. This product is more practical than thick foundation. Your facial skin will look flawless and evenly distributed. You can use a moisturizer and serum for healthy and beautiful facial skin.

You can save time by using CC or BB cream with cushion form. All the beauty brands have issued a cushion for your face. You can buy cushion with reasonable price and good quality.

Shiny Skin

You do not need to use compact powder to get a glowing and beautiful skin. You can use loose powder and give highlighter at the bottom of your eyes, chin, and cheekbones. You can also use a highlighter with a cream form that should be used before the powder.

Dewy Look

The way to get the dewy look is to spray facial mist all over your face after applying all the products. You must bring a facial mist in your bag and you can spray the facial mist when your skin feels dry. You can buy facial mist at affordable prices at cosmetics stores.

Bright Lipstick

One characteristic of Korean woman is brightly colored lips like red, bright orange, peachy pink, fuchsia, and so forth. Usually, Korean women use gradient lips to create a cute look. You can use soft lipstick on the edge of your lips and you should use bright colors in the center of your lips.

Wistful Eyes

You do not have to paint cat-eyes for this look. You should not use a smoky and firm style for your eyes. Korean women love eyes that look innocent and wistful so they only use natural color for eyelids. Eyeliner is applied in a curved way down to make beautiful eyes.

Natural Eyebrows

Korean women also draw eyebrows but do not have a sharp shape. Korean women like to use natural eyebrows, thick, and straight so you look young. You can use brown to emphasize your eyebrows. You just need to follow the direction of your eyebrow hair to make it look natural. Do not make your eyebrows squared and pointed because your eyebrows will look like old people.

Those are some simple steps to get Korean makeup.

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