Beauty Makeup for Beginners: The Basic Cheat Sheet

Beauty Makeup for Beginners: The Basic Cheat Sheet - Makeup is one thing that people have been up to in nowadays, but it is not impossible if you are a complete newbie on this matter. Well, there are several things you can learn from this article because here we have the cheat sheet of beauty for all beginners in the world. But we will highly recommend you to take care of your skin in a serious way so you do not need the makeup for something like confidence.


This item is like the first thing you should apply on your face and you will never reach the ultimate result without wearing this as your first base of makeup. Primer will decrease oiliness, oxidation, dryness, and also pores.

For a beginner who wants to apply makeup for the first time, it is recommended to use Smashbox Photo Finish Foundation. It comes with various options according to your skin type and is available in travel size in case you need something less expensive.


Brushes come with various types and names and functions. Even though your fingers will help to put the things on your face, the flawless result comes from good brush. And for this matter, we recommend you to buy Beauty Blender. The price can be a bit pricey and the shape is weird but it is the best tool to apply things on your face.


Basically, not everyone needs the presence of foundation. But if you want the flawless coverage then foundation will do that for you. The important key is looking for the right color for your skin along with the right finish that compliments your skin.

Since there are so many brands that offer foundation, you really need to know your skin type, your skin tone, and other traits of your skin before jumping on one or two brands. Some brands also offer foundation set.

BB Cream

If you do not need the full coverage then BB cream will be enough for your skin. It comes with sunscreen and will come in handy after you apply it on your skin. Other than that, you do not need to use brush to apply this thing on your face and the oily skin can use primer first before wearing BB cream.

Smashbox Camera Ready offers SPF 35 on their BB Cream product. It also comes in 10 shades, which are plenty for a BB Cream. Besides, the oily skin and fine lines could be reduced by applying this before makeup.

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