Tips for Flawless Outdoor Pre Wedding Makeup

Makeup for outdoor pre-wedding is becoming popular nowadays. Taking pictures outside the room is not as easy as taking pictures in the studio. Here's how to keep your face fast when fading outdoors.

Use Primer

The primer has the formula to bind the foundation and your skin. Pores can also be disguised with a primer so that the production of sweat and oil will also decrease. This formula makes your foundation last longer. Primers can be protective of dirt, water, and dust.

Choose Waterproof Products

Outdoor shooting has many challenges. We recommend that you choose a product with a waterproof formula. This product is water resistant and will not wear off. You can choose a product with a lightweight formula to keep pores from clogging. You will get photos with flawless faces.

Use Setting Spray

This product serves to lock the look of your face. Setting spray makes your powder does not easily fade. Your face can survive from hot weather and dirty air. There are several products that contain moisturizer so your face will remain fresh.

Two Formulas Blush On

You can use blush on with gel or creamy texture before using a powder. This will make your cheeks become natural and flushed. The blush on color will be durable by using two formulas. Translucent powder can also lock the color of the blush on it.

Use Sponge

Do not forget to use a damp sponge so the foundation does not absorb into the sponge. Damp sponges can push the foundation into the skin. The product will stick to your face perfectly and not quickly fade. The working principle of the sponge is to absorb water so you have to wet the sponge with water so that all sponge pores can be filled and not absorb your foundation.

You should wash the sponge after using the sponge so that no mushrooms and germs grow in the sponge. Actually, you can also use a brush but sponge can flatten the product better than the brush.

Use the Foundation Sufficiently

Maybe you often see brides who use a lot of foundation. Actually, this is not quite right because you will look like wearing a mask. You should know that a thick foundation will make your face look cracked. If you have an acne face, then the foundation will not be able to change your face texture. Foundation can only be used to cover the acne.

You should use the foundation at the right level so that your face is not cakey. You should also choose a foundation that has a low oxidation level so that your face does not turn black when exposed to sunlight. That's the explanation for outdoor pre wedding makeup

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