5 Ways to Make Your Makeup Last for Oily Skin

Makeup can be last for a day long even though you have such an oily skin. When it comes to cosmetics, all you need to do is get to know your skin type. By that, you can always pick the best and right one for your skin. So, in this article we have 5 ways you can try to make the cosmetic lasts longer on your face even though you have oily skin. Here are our thoughts.

Primer is the first thing

When you have oily skin, primer will make the cosmetic stays put on your skin. But you should apply it on the area that produces a lot of oil like T-zone. The primer is specific like the oil-free and anti-shine type. After you clean your grave thoroughly, you can apply the primer and then you are good to apply other things on your face.

Go easy with powder
Even though face powder is like the best thing for oily skin, you cannot overdo this one. When you use too much amount of face powder, it boosts the production of oil from your pores. So, it is highly advised to apply the face powder on shiny areas only. You also need to use the formula of matte translucent so the over-shiny look on your face will be less obvious and blended with your natural skin tone.

Blotting papers on purse

Your makeup may look flawless and perfect in the morning. But when you have oily skin type, the shiny look will appear in the middle of the day. So, preparing blotting papers in your purse will help you to overcome this issue. And do not forget to put some powder to the oil can be reduced.

Just press the paper on the oily area. Do not rub it because you will ruin your makeup anyway.

Go oil-free

Oily skin produces too much oil. It is highly recommended to buy products of cosmetics with non-comedogenic and oil-free because it will not clog your pores. You can also buy toner and cleanser that contain glycolic acid. This thing is good when it comes to reducing excess oil.

Buy the “long wear” products

Smear, slip, and smudge are three things that can be done by both water and oil. Stick to the products with waterproof property will be great. So, you can go for water-resistant cream eyeshadow and eyeliner. But first, do not forget the primer before the makeup.

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