4 Youthful Makeup Tricks for Over 50s

Makeup is supposed to enhance beauty that you already have. But when it comes to age, you will need different tricks to make you look youthful and not the opposite. And in this article we have several beauty tips and tricks after 50, you can follow in case you need one. beautiful women over 50

Find the best skin care

Your skin is basically anything you need to take care of. When you already have great skin with the best and most suitable skincare for your skin, you just need a little touch up here and there. Your skincare product needs to be able to keep your skin stay hydrated and plump.

advanced skin care, Since you already in your 50s, you really need to apply cream with anti-aging ( aging skin ) property regularly. Besides, do not forget to apply the tinted primer to make the skin tone becomes even. It makes the fine lines smoother and wrinkles will disappear too. Your makeup would not be cracked as well.

Lighter foundation is better

When it comes to younger and fresher look on your skin, you better use lighter best foundation. Mature skin looks better with CC Cream. It covers imperfections like redness and others in a great way. It refines the texture of your skin and reduced the enlarged pores to appear. You may use anti-aging cream rich in vitamin E and do not forget the SPF because it will cover you from any damage, especially on mature skin.

Concealer and moisturizer

Concealer is important for your skin to even the skin tone and cover the unwanted lines. You can apply it after CC Cream. Unfortunately, there are many concealers that dry the skin. It could lead to older look and promote the obvious look of your wrinkle. So, it is better to find the one that could cover all imperfections like Clarins Instant Concealer. It covers the unwanted color and lines without makes it dry.

Stay away from face powder

After you over 30 years old, you will be the enemy of face powder especially if you apply too much amount of it. It could be really dry on your skin. Of course it will give much older look and your wrinkles will present like very obvious. So, if you want to apply face powder then you can only put it on T-zone.

You may also try Sisley Transparent Loose Face Powder. Even though it is a bit expensive, it could last for years since you only need tiny amount of it before applying your whole makeup.

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